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  • Java's new "Per Employee" pricing and discounts
  • Which Java releases are paid and which are free
  • What Java subscriptions terms include hidden charges back to 2019
  • How to locate devices using Java
  • How Java's Auto-Update & Call Home Features report back to Oracle and how to turn them off
  • How much does a Java Subscription cost
  • What alternatives are there to Java
  • Can I be "grandfathered in" for my historic Java usage

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The Oracle Licensing Guide will help you understand how to:

Optimize, Customize and Simplify Java

Optimize, customize and simplify your Java subscriptions and support contracts

Oracle Java Alternatives

Java licensing alternatives based on your company's business model

Decipher Java

Decipher, decode and simplify your Java subscription and usage

Outdated Java Releases

Migrate outdated Java releases

Become Cost-Effective

Ensure cost-effective procurement of Java subscriptions and support

Rebalance Java Licenses

Rebalance Java licenses to enhance and create better value from your existing Oracle investment

Create Flexibility

Create flexibility within your Java license agreement (SLA)

Java License Options

Provide various Java license options based on your needs and various scenarios such as acquisitions or change management environment

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