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  • Microsoft Licensing Basics
  • Understand Microsoft Windows Licensing, Volume Licensing, Enterprise Agreement (EA) Licensing, and Server Licensing
  • Determining if you are in compliance with Microsoft Licensing Policies
  • Negotiating Microsoft Agreements
  • True-Ups, True-Downs, & Renewals
  • Small Changes that trigger Audits
  • Don't let an Audit failure cost you your job
  • More…

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The Microsoft Licensing Guide will help you understand how to:

Optimize, Customize and Simplify

Optimize, customize and simplify your Microsoft license agreements and support contracts

Understand Microsoft Cloud Licensing & Subscriptions

Offer Microsoft licensing alternatives based on your company’s business model


Decipher, decode and simplify your Microsoft licensing and business practices

Eliminate Security Risks

Migrate outdated Microsoft licenses to avoid dangerous security issues from unsupported software

Become Cost-Effective

Ensure cost-effective procurement of licenses and support

Rebalance Microsoft Licenses

Rebalance Microsoft licenses to enhance and create better value from your existing Microsoft investment

Create Flexibility

Create flexibility within your Microsoft Agreements and Contracts

Microsoft License Options

Provide various Microsoft license options based on your needs and various scenarios such as acquisitions or change management environment

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