Salesforce Licensing Guide 2020

Download our free Salesforce Licensing Guide to learn how to get the best prices and avoid shortfalls

The Salesforce Licensing Guide covers:

  • Strategic Contract Options
  • New License Types
  • How to License Developers
  • Premier Support & Renewal Strategies
  • Changes that trigger licensing issues
  • more...

The Support Licensing Guide will help you understand how to:

  • Optimize, customize and simplify your contracts
  • Decipher, decode and simplify your Salesforce licensing and business practices
  • Ensure cost-effective procurement of seats and support
  • Create flexibility within your software license agreement (SLA)
  • Offer Salesforce licensing alternatives based on your company’s business model
  • Provide various Salesforce license options based on your needs and various scenarios such as acquisitions or change management environment